All events are cancelled. Refunds will be made in February.

Thank you for your understanding. 


We asked for a screening, more than 220 messages sent, phone call, messenger, etc.
10 responses, people don’t even call back.
If you don’t know, well we can’t organize either.
If you don’t have the honesty to say no, it’s more serious.
At the time of the cancellation in 2021, we had 86 registrants. To date you are 47 (6 days), we organize for 50 and we go up to 100 or we go out of 100 with a departure at 50? Out of the question!
We still leave this week, after we will decide.
I had left to cancel, I leave this period for the faithful registered who have never let us go (one last chance).
Happy Holidays to all!


As you can see, the site is up to date.

In the last two years, a lot of criticism towards the organizers who canceled races. As we specified later, this first edition will be canceled, if we do not have more than a hundred runners gathered on the 6-day format. Many of you are starting to plan for 2022 and prepare your race schedule.

If you are really sure to participate, we ask you to pre-register quickly by sending a message on the site (, in order to join the runners already registered.

At the beginning of February, we have to make commitments and pay down payments on services. In the event of cancellation, we cannot always recover the totality of the deposit paid. So, moving forward to cancel, you might as well do nothing. We just ask you to position yourself, to play the game so that we can make the right decision. This will be taken quickly (January), so as not to advance for nothing, and especially to allow you to switch to another race. We take our responsibilities, we ask the runners to take theirs, knowing that in July the covid will be on vacation.

If the 6 days is canceled, all the formats will be canceled.

All runners who have paid their entries will be refunded in full in the event of cancellation.

Thank you for your understanding.


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