Regulation of the 6 Days of GrandEst-Europe.


With the participation of the F.F.A club of Pont-à-Mousson Athlétisme and Thaon-Les-Vosges.

With the support and participation of the city of Pont-À-MOUSSON.
To claim to participate in the 6 days in the individual runner category.

– Have already participated in a 6 days, or have already completed a minimum of 140km over 24 hours.

For the 6 days 72h and 48h. Please contact the organization before registering:

Article 1 – THE RACE

Events of 6 days, 72h, 48h, 24h, 12h, 6h at free pace organized by the association “Courir en Lorraine”

– Open to runners, walkers and disabled sports.

– For walkers, presence of F.F.A.

Departure on 07/03/2022 at 2:00 p.m. Arrival on 07/09/2022 at 2:00 p.m.

Location: Isle of Esch – 54700 Pont-à-Mousson.

The circuit: A 1200m loop, measured and approved,

Rolling course and completely lit at night, composed of 250m of clay, the rest of the circuit being a macadam coating.

These tests are labeled.

IAU label for 6 days, 72h, 48h, 72h, 6h, 12h, F.F.A label for 24 hours.

For 6-day runners, the first 100miles, 24h and 48h are qualifying.

Walking sticks are strictly prohibited on the course, as well as accompanying persons.


Registrations will start on October 15, 2021,

People wishing to pay in several monthly installments,

Do not forget to write on the back of the checks the date on which you would like the various checks to be deposited. The last check must be dated 05/15/2022 (date of end of registrations).

For payments by bank transfer: The association’s rib will be sent to runners requesting it.

No registration will be taken on site or by phone.

AS OF 05/15/2022 (date of end of registrations) no withdrawal will be accepted by the organization.



Nombre de dossard



6 jours course-marche


Du 03 au 09 à 14h00

300e individuel

72h course- marche


Du 03 au 06 – 14h00

150e indiviuel

6h nocturne


Le 06 de 18h à 00h00

25e individuel

12h nocturne


Le 06 de18h à 06h00

35e individuel

48h course


Du 07 au 09 -10h

100e individuel

24h course Individuel


Du 08 au 09 – 11h

60e individuel

24h par équipe de 6


Du 08 au 09 – 11h

40e individuel


The number of bibs allocated can be adjusted at any time by the organization, depending on demand!

2 options for registering: registration form on paper, payment by check or bank transfer.

: using the download registration form.

No registration by courier, everything must be sent by post or by the payment center. ATTENTION card payment the costs incurred are not for the organization.

Categories: Only reserved for the hopefuls, seniors and masters categories (male and female).

Licensee: FFA, an Athlé Compétition, Athlé Entreprise, Athlé running license issued by the FFA, or a “Pass’ J’aime Courir” issued by the FFA and completed by the doctor, valid on the date of the event. (Note: other licenses issued by the FFA (Health, Supervision and Discovery are not accepted), or a sports license, valid on the date of the event, issued by a federation only approved, on which must appear, by all means, the non-contraindication to the practice of sport in competition, Athletics in competition or running in competition.

Not licensed: A medical certificate. Further to circular n ° 13 of 21 April 2008, it is specified that the medical certificate must include the words “no contraindication to the practice of athletics in competition” or “no contraindication to the practice of running in competition” dating from less than 1 year from the date of the race This document will be kept in original or in copy by the organizer as proof in the event of an accident No other document can be accepted to attest to the possession of the medical certificate.

Any registration will be considered incomplete if it does not include all of the following documents:

– The official entry form duly completed (6 forms for teams)

– The medical certificate (s) or copy of your sports license.

– Payment of entry fees.

Registration will take effect on the date of receipt of all the elements of the file.

Entries must be returned before 15/05/2022, date of the closing of entries, by letter addressed to: COURIR EN LORRAINE 17 rue de la resistance 54390 FROUARD

All payments should be made to the order of: ” Courir en Lorraine ”


All commitments are firm and final and in order to avoid any dispute, requests for cancellation of commitment must be made before May 15, 2022 (date of the closing of registrations), by registered mail, explicitly justifying a case of major force. After this date, no further requests will be taken into consideration.

Article 4 – INSURANCE.

The civil liability of the organizers is covered by an insurance policy in accordance with the charter for races outside the stadium. FFA licensees benefit from the guarantees granted by the individual accident insurance linked to their license. It is the responsibility of other participants to insure themselves personally. The organizers decline all responsibility in the event of an accident or impairment resulting from poor health. Theft of clothing or other personal effects will not be covered by the organization.

Event insurance will be taken out by the organization.

Article 5 – BIBS.

This must be worn on the front of the chest and not folded during the entire race.

For the teams, the relays are free, no relay zone, this can be done at your camp.

The chips will be stuck on the back of the bib, recording the lap made at each passage under the control gantry.

Article 6 – SCORING – TIMING.

The timing will be carried out by an approved timekeeper, using an electronic timing system. All runners will be given a bib with an electronic chip which will be automatically initialized at the start line and will serve as a race regularity check at various points on the course (2). A competitor who does not take the entire circuit cannot be classified on arrival and will have his bib withdrawn immediately.


A scratch classification and by category (M and F), as well as by team will be determined chronologically, by the number of kilometers covered by each competitor and by each team. This is valid for all the formats offered. 6h-12h-24h-48h-72h-6 days, running and walking.

A market ranking will be established (M and F) on all formats.

Article 8 – REWARDS.

6 days :

A trophy to all the competitors who have crossed the 500km of the scratch classification, running and walking.

A souvenir for each participant + the 6-day GrandEst jersey + a tracksuit.

6h – 12h – 24h – 48h – 72h A trophy for the first three M and F of each race.

A cup or trophy for the first teams. The 6 days jersey.

Article 9 – REFUELING – MEALS.

On Sunday morning, the day of departure, a breakfast will be offered to the runners of the 6 days. A cold buffet will be offered around 11:00 a.m., with the race starting at 2:00 p.m. Debriefing 12:30 p.m.

Every lunchtime, you will be offered a varied cold buffet, in the event of a rainy day, it will be replaced by a hot meal. Every evening, a hot meal will be distributed to each participant and accompanying persons who have chosen the meal plan. At night it will always be possible to ask for a hot plate or soup or other!

1. Meals will be taken from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm and from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm.

2. Breakfasts will be taken from 7:00 am to 8:30 am.

3. The Saturday evening meal (after the race) is included in the registration for the 6-day competitors, as well as the Sunday buffet before the race.

4. 2 cups will be provided to you before the race, one for supplies to be dropped off at the supply station on your bib number, the other for meals. The runners must bring their own cutlery.

B – Refueling.

For vegetarian and Muslim meals, you will be asked to specify it on the registration form. We will set up appropriate meals.

Tables will be made available to runners for personal refueling.

There will be no compulsory refueling zone.


– Still water, different syrups, cola, saint yorre, orange juice, cold tea, beer and coffee coolers.


Bananas, apples, oranges, dried apricots, raisins, fruit jellies, Butter cakes, compote gourd, cake, dark chocolate, tuc, chips, peanuts, rice cake, semolina, liquid yoghurt, dry sausage, gruyere in pieces, rillettes, a sports provider (sponsor) will be on site (energy bar, etc.).


In addition to midday and evening meals, it will be possible all night long to request a hot plate, soup, mash or other.

BREAKFAST (from 7:00 a.m.)

Full breakfast (chocolate, coffee, tea, milk, sugar, jam, honey with the croissant that goes well and the fresh bread in the morning)


You will have the possibility to leave your camper van at the edge of the course, in the marked area or a tent + car (pine forest), or ask to benefit from a place in the sports room reserved for sleeping, a picot bed will be made available to you for the duration of the race. Depending on the temperature of the gym, we will adapt so that the latter is alive.

People taking the option (gym sleeping accommodation) will leave their vehicle next to the room.

A parking lot located 200m from the start area will be reserved for runners from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. (against the course).

For 24 hours and 48 hours, the runners will be asked to use the reserved areas, either the pine forest to place the tent, or close to the room if sleeping arrangements are requested.


Runners will be asked to be present 1 hour before the start of their respective race, in order to participate in the debriefing (short).

For the teams, there will be no relay zone, they can be carried out at any place of the course (exchange of the bib with chip, the bib carrier belt is not provided).

One minute before each end of the race a pistol shot will be fired, at the second pistol shot the competitors will have to put down on the ground and in the place they are, the plate that will have been distributed to them. The judges will collect these in order to calculate your last pass.

Article 12 – DISPUTES.

In the event of a dispute, only the president of COURIR EN LORRAINE will settle any problems, after deliberation with the jury. This official jury, made up of 4 members, ensures the smooth running of the event. The exclusion of a runner may be pronounced in the event of non-compliance with the regulations, in the event of unsportsmanlike behavior or dangerous for other runners. The opinion of the organizing committee is sovereign. Likewise, exclusion may be ordered by the organization if the runner’s state of health appears incompatible with the continuation of the event.


Walkers must comply with the usual F.F.A.

They will be under the responsibility of Claudine ANXIONNAT.

Any instructions will be given to you during the pre-race debriefing.


If the event had to be canceled for force majeure or for a reason beyond the control of the organization, no reimbursement of registration fees could be made and no compensation received. If the event had to be canceled before the race by the organization for another reason, the participants would of course be reimbursed in full.

FOR COVID REASONS? The runners will be reimbursed in full.

Article 15 – USE OF IMAGE.

When entering the event, each competitor expressly authorizes the association “COURIR EN LORRAINE” (or its beneficiaries) to use or have used or reproduced or have their name, image, voice and sporting performance reproduced in as part of the event with a view to any direct or derivative use of the event, on any medium, worldwide, by all means known or unknown to date, and for the entire term of protection currently granted to these direct or derivative operations by legislative or regulatory provisions, judicial and / or arbitral decisions of any country as well as by current or future international conventions, including for any extensions that could be made to this period. CNIL: In accordance with the law known as “Informatique et Liberté” of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify your personal data. Through us, you may receive proposals from other companies or associations. If you do not wish it, you just have to write to us indicating your name, first name and address.

No service provider (photos, film), can claim to produce a montage or other on the race, to offer the product for sale, if it is not designated by the organizing association of the event.


A first aid medical team (PDS), emergency physician or doctor, physiotherapist masseurs, osteopath, chiropodist will be on site for the duration of the event.


Each competitor registered and participating in a “Les 6 jours du GrandEst” event declares to have read these regulations and accepts all the clauses.

The organization reserves the right to refuse the candidacy of a runner, if it considers the CV insufficient to participate in the event or quite simply, if it does not want to receive it.

These decisions are final!


Track the race live on the website.

Possibility of sending messages to the runners on the race, to the runners of the 6 days 72h and 48h. They will be placed in the mailboxes allocated to the runners, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day.

(these links will be communicated to you later) on the site –

and on the facebook page – 6 days of GrandEst-Europe.

I have tried to be as clear, simple, and complete as possible regarding the regulations. If something does not seem right to you, or a question cannot be answered in these rules, do not hesitate to ask the question to Thank you.